How old are Tudor houses?

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500 years old

Did Tudor houses have chimneys? Typical Tudor chimneys are very tall and thin. They are patterned, often with symmetrical patterns from moulded or cut brick.(Early Tudor times the houses, especially the poor houses, did not have chimneys. The wood smoke was allowed toescape from inside through a simple hole in the roof.)

What was life like for rich Tudors? Life for_the wealthy became increasingly luxurious and flamboyant during Tudor times. They dined, dressed and lived well. Diet - meals in Tudor times consisted almost wholly of meat. People ate very few vegetables.

Are Tudor houses expensive? Although the popularity of these homes peaked back in the 1930s, construction of Tudor-style homes still takes place today. They are among the more expensive popular home type, costing more than 2½ times more than theaverage ranch-style property.