How to cancel identityiq?

Asked by Betty Harris on September 05, 2021

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How do i cancel identityiq online? How To Cancel IdentityIQ on the Company's Website
1. Log into your IdentityIQ account.
2.Go to Manage my account.
3. Click the Cancel my account button.

How much does identityiq cost? How much does IdentityIQ cost? IdentityIQ offers four protection plans. Secure — their most basic — costs $6.99 per month. Secure Plus costs $9.99.

How reliable is identityiq? Identity IQ points to a FTC study that shows that criminals who accessed sensitive personal information were able to start committing fraud within 9 minutes of getting the data. This means you don’t have a lot of time to waste if your personal information isstolen.

How many credit reports can you get with IdentityIQ? Get your complete credit outlook as well as insights into your credit report profile with up to 12 reports a year, something most our competitors don'toffer.