How to change diaper genie?

Asked by Gregg Nunez on September 06, 2021

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How do you change a bag on a dekor diaper pail?

How does the dekor plus diaper pail work? This pail claims to be hands-free for diaper disposal which is true for the most part. The foot pedal works well to lift the lid, and under the lid is a trap door that you set the diaper on. If the diaper is heavy enough, the trap door will open, the diaper will fall through, and the trap door willclose. Yay!

How often do you change diaper genie? Made with activated carbon, the filter absorbs and blocks odors from escaping the diaper pail to keep baby's nursery fresh and clean. Easily replace the old one with a new insert every 30 days for ultimate nurseryfreshness.