How to check how long you ve been on facetime?

Asked by Erin Turner on September 04, 2021

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After ending the call, go to the 'Phone' system app. Then, tap the 'i' (info) icon at the right of the FaceTime call. Call details will open. There, you'll also find the call durationfor both audio and video FaceTime calls.

How can i see my call log on my mac? You can view a list of recent calls in the Phone app, just tap "Recents" at the bottom. I would imagine that this list is saved in aniTunes backup of your device. There are a number of apps for Mac and Windows that allow you to explore the backup file and extract quite a number of the files.

Do facetime calls timeout? FaceTime usually stops around 12-13 hours . I've had a 27 hour FaceTime call once with my ex. He eventually ended the call because he had to go_somewhere.

Why can't i see my facetime history? FaceTime is made using the internet or your mobile data. Therefore, your carrier can't possibly know which phone numbers or Apple IDs you've called. The only way to see your FaceTime call_history is to view it directly from the device as shown above.