How to clean industrial piercing?

Asked by Pearl Osborne on September 04, 2021

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When can i stop cleaning my industrial piercing? If you want to change out your industrial piercing, it's imperative to wait until it's fully healed and potentially a bit longer just to be sure — anywhere from 5-9 months. If you try and take it out before then, you risk the piercing healing over andhaving to get it redone.

Is saline solution safe for piercings? Saline solution for contact lenses contains additives that are not safe for healing piercings. If you have saline solution that's free from additives (in other words, it only contains pharmaceutical-grade water and sodium chloride), then this is probably safe touse on your piercing.

How do you clean a piercing with alcohol? Always wash hands thoroughly before contact with piercing. Do not use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. (Both slow thehealing of pierced area by drying and killing new healthy cells.) Do not use bacitracin or other ointments.

How do you know when your industrial piercing is healed?

  • The discharge has completely ended. Understand that there are period when it will cease during healing, so never use discharge as the only sign of the piercing be healed.
  • The edges of the piercing holes are smooth and pull inward. When the tissue connects in the center the holes will pull inward and look more smooth and natural. ...
  • The jewelry is loose and moves some what freely. This looseness will increase as the piercing toughens and strengthens....