How to make a popsocket sticky again?

Asked by John Moore on September 05, 2021

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Can you restick a popsocket? Can You Reuse a PopSocket? You can absolutely reuse a PopSocket. When you are not using a PopSocket, make sure that you adhere it to a hard, flat surface so that the sticky gel doesn't dryout.

What happens if your popsocket falls off? Fortunately, Popsockets are durable and can often be pieced back together when they fall apart. Your Popsocket has a mounting base that sometimes has to be washed to keep it sticky. If the mounting base is still in place, reassembling a Popsocket is as easy as snapping the remaining pieces back together.

How do you get a popsocket to stick to an otterbox?

Can you reattach a popsocket? Yes, you can reuse a PopSocket; the manufacturer claims it can be reused upto 100 times. After removing the PopSocket, take care to reattach it within 15 minutes; oherwise, leaving it exposed to air can dry out the gel.

How do you make a pop socket sticky again?