How to make edge control?

Asked by Rebecca Butler on September 05, 2021

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5 DIY Edge Control Recipes For Curly Hair
  • Hair Conditioner. For this first one, I’ll be straight with you—it’s probably only going to_work if you’ve got 2-3 type kind of hair.
  • Gelatin Edge Control. A quick two-ingredient edge control and hair gel actually consists of nothing more than gelatin and essential oil.
  • Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel. ...
  • Beeswax and Shea Butter. ...
  • Mango Butter and Honey. ...

Do you have to wash out edge control? “Leaving edge control in overnight may cause tension on edges as well as clog pores on your scalp.” On the other hand, Dr. Henry says it’s not necessary to rinse every night, but at least try to break up the product with acomb.

What is edge control? Edge control, also known as edge tamer, is a styling product that's made specifically for smoothing and slicking down the strands along your hairline. You can also use a bitof edge control to tame flyaways on other parts of your hair. It's basically a styling gel, but typically a lot less fluid than a traditional gel.

Does edge control break edges? No one can deny the flyness of sleek baby hairs and edge control is good for putting on that perfect finishing touch. As with all good things in life, unfortunately regular usage does come with a price. Edge control can break off your edges if used too frequently.

Can hair wax be used as edge control? “I like to mist hair with water, apply a dime size amount of edge control gel to the hairline, and gently brush it into the hair with a toothbrush or edge brush,” says Diane C. Bailey, celebrity stylist and SheaMoisture brand ambassador. “Follow by covering hair with a satin scarf andletting it set for 15 minutes.”