How to open shampoo pump?

Asked by Christopher Zurasky on September 06, 2021

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  • Unscrew it from bottle.
  • clamp the clear pick up tube with apliers or like tool
  • turn the pump head to unscrew it.

Why is my lotion pump not working? When the pump for a lotion, shampoo or liquid soap type dispenser stops working, the pump is usually just clogged. I show how to easily clear the clog.

Why is my hand pump not dispensing soap? Is the soap dispenser pump stuck? If the pump fails to retract, the pump may be locked, so it seems to be stuck. Many soap dispensers lock when you push the pump all the way down and rotate it by 90 degrees. You can unlock the pump by rotating it back to its working position.

How do I unlock my face wash pump?