How to replace quip head?

Asked by Yvonne Snow on September 05, 2021

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Pull the brush head off of your Quip. Hold the Quip in your hands so the brush bristles face away from you. Make sure one of your hands is holding the brush head and the other is holding the handle. Place your thumb on the dots on the back of the toothbrush and firmly pull the toothbrush apart to access thebattery.

Are all quip heads the same? Quip has only two brush heads and they are exactly the same except for size. Conversely, both Sonicare and Oral-B offer a large variety of toothbrush heads for different use cases that are compatible with most or all of their brushes.

How long should a quip toothbrush last? Quip doesn't come with a charger,_like most other electric toothbrushes. Instead, it utilizes a single AAA battery that lasts up to 6 months of twice-daily brushings. Quip actually sends a new battery with your refills.

Is quip a target brand? quip and Native are the latest example of Target's focus on bringing in only-at-Target brands that our guests will love. For more on quip and Native, visit one of our more than 1,800 stores

Why is philips sonicare good? Why Philips Sonicare? Philips Sonicare removes up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. That’s because it makes 31,000 brush strokes per minute, compared with a manual toothbrush’s 300 brush strokes per minute. It also makes it far easier to keep the hard-to-access areas of your mouthclean.