How to reset nanoleaf?

Asked by James Lang on September 06, 2021

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Why can't i connect my nanoleaf? Unplug the Nanoleaf Controller from power (the wall outlet) and plug it back in. Try a soft or hard reset - making sure todelete the Light Panels pairing – from the app and then setup once again.

How do i reset my nanoleaf? To perform a Hard Reset:
1. Disconnect the system from power (unplug from the wall).
2. While holding the Power and Plus buttons, plug the power supply back into power.
3. Continue holding the buttons down until the button LEDs on the Controller light up.
4. Once the button LEDs come on, release thebuttons.

Does nanoleaf have wifi? Nanoleaf Bloom is also another product of Nanoleaf which does not require Wi-Fi connection forset up and everyday use. These are energy-efficient light bulbs that may as well be used as lamps when dimmed or when the night mode is activated.

How long does nanoleaf take to update? After a further 2-3 minutes, the firmware update should begin. This will be indicated on the Nanoleaf Controller where the LEDs beside the 2 buttons will begin flashing back and forth. After 5-10 minutes the update should conclude and_normal function will resume.