How to tell if eggplant is bad?

Asked by Jerry Smith on September 02, 2021

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Is it okay to eat eggplant that is brown inside? Eggplant flesh will have tan to brown colored spots around the seeds. If this is the color you are referring to, it is edible. If the flesh is more_brown than white, the eggplant may be spoiling and should be discarded.

How long do thai eggplants last? Thai eggplants will keep up to three days when stored in acool and dry place.

How does eggplant look inside? The inside of an eggplant orcross-section of the fruit has a white flesh with soft small seeds that are barely visible. Some eggplants can however have their center filled with seeds. This is usually due to improper harvesting.

What is the best eggplant to grow? Recommended Varieties

  1. 'Black Beauty' is the traditional eggplant size. One plant produces 4 to 6 large rounded fruit. ...
  2. 'Black Bell': classic oval to round, 6-inch, purple/black fruit; disease-resistant.
  3. 'Dusky': classic pear-shaped, 6- to 7-inch, glossy purple/black fruit; excellent flavor;disease-resistant.