How would you describe the typical public relations practitioner?

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Writing/editing, media relations, social media, research, management of staff/clients, andstrategic planning.

What did the declarations of principles argue? Public relations practitioners should be providers of information. intended to shape public_opinion following the nation's entry into World War I. they provided readers with a highly negative picture of the public relations industry.

What makes a good public relations officer? A good PR person is engaged in the world andkeeps up with the news in the clients' industries as well as current events and trends and developments within our own “industry.” That means understanding social media and its implications. PR's job is to bring the outside in as well as the inside out.

What was Thomas Jefferson claim in the Declaration of Independence? The Declaration of Independence proclaimed the creation of an American "people," asserted a claim to universal rights, and declared America to be independent of the British_Empire.

Why is the Declaration of Independence compelling? In the Declaration of Independence the United States got free from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence is themost compelling for Americans today because it gave hope to everyone to be free, it made America what it is today, and gave us basic human rights that all men are created equally.