Is Azure Advisor free?

Asked by Jeff Tennyson on September 08, 2021

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Advisor is a free Azure service that helps you optimize your Azure resources for high availability, security, performance, andcost by providing personalized recommendations based on your usage and configurations. Here are two ways you can share your Advisor best practice recommendations with your teams.

How long is the azure fundamentals exam?

Exam AZ-900 Basic Information
Name of the Exam Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Number of Questions 40-60
Passing Score Required 700
Exam Duration 85 Minutes

What is OMSAzure? Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS) is an advanced, comprehensive offering that brings together four complementary Azure services: Backup, Site Recovery, Log Analytics and Automation andis one of the tools we leverage when providing managed Azure consulting services.

How do I become a Microsoft cloud provider? Get started as an indirect reseller

  1. Step 1: Join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Join the MPN and get an ID number you'll use to enroll in CSP.
  2. Step 2: Sign up. Enroll your business in the CSP program.
  3. Step 3: Find an indirect provider. Connect with an indirect provider who can also help you with support and_billing.

What is Azure resource manager? The Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the service used to provision resources in your Azure subscription. Prior to ARM, developers and IT professionals used the Azure Service Management API's and theold portal ( to provision resources. Today, both portals and sets of API's are supported.