Is Fabian still alive?

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Fabiano Anthony Forte (born February 6, 1943), professionally known asFabian, is an American singer and actor.

Fabian Forte
Other names Fabian
Occupation Singer, actor
Years active 1959–present
Spouse(s) Kathleen Regan (m. 1966–1979) Kate Netter (m. 1980–1990) Andrea Patrick (m. 1998)

What is the net worth of Bobby Rydell? Bobby Rydell net worth: Bobby Rydell is an American singer who has a net worth of $10 million. Bobby Rydell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April 1942. He was a teen idol during the early 1960s and is known for his genresof rock and roll and traditional pop.

What nationality is Fabian Forte? MexicanAmerican

Where did Fabian grow? Fabian was born Fabiano Anthony Forte on February 6, 1943. He grew up in the Philadelphia's South Side, within blocks of Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell. He attended South Philly High and belong to the same boys clubs as Avalon and Rydell.