Is Hypernasality a voice disorder?

Asked by James Irwin on September 06, 2021

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Hypernasal speech. Hypernasal speech is a disorder that causes abnormal resonance in a human's voice due to increased airflow through the nose during speech. It is caused by an open nasal cavity resulting from an incomplete closure of the soft palate and/or velopharyngeal-sphincter.

What is Velopharyngeal insufficiency? Velopharyngeal insufficiency is a disorder of structure that causes a failure of the velum (soft palate) to close against the posterior pharyngeal wall (back wall of the throat) during speech in order to close off thenose (nasal cavity) during oral speech production.

How do you test for Hypernasal speech? Feel sides of nose for vibration that might accompany perceived hypernasality. Alternately pinch and then release the nose (sometimes referred to as the cul-de-sac test or nasal occlusion) while individual produces a speech segment—a change in resonance indicateshypernasality.

What sounds does Velopharyngeal insufficiency affect? When a person has VPI, much of the air pressure, and thus acoustic energy will go through the nose instead of the mouth. Thus, the person may sound hypernasal with nasal air emissions, especially on high pressure oral consonants. In addition, vowels may soundnasalized.