Is pithing humane?

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A pig is considered to be a humane way to kill an animal that will be slaughtered or destroyed for disease control or humane reasons, such as an animal severely injured in an_accident.

Why should students dissect animals? As you see, you believe. As you learn, you do. Dissection is invaluable in learning Anatomy . Dissecting animals allows us to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the animals compared to other animals andhumans.

Do Frogs have teeth? In fact, most frogs have teeth of some kind. The upper edge of their jaw is covered with a ridge of very small cone teeth. Vomerine teeth are also common on the roof of themouth of frogs. Lower jaws lack teeth, so they usually swallow their food whole.

How smart are frogs? Animals with the simplest brain structures (yet still incredibly complex) include frogs. But we developed a massive neocortex and amphibians (frogs) and reptiles (lizards) didn't. They rely on instincts ingrained in their "lizard brain". The neocortex is the part of the brain that makes us intelligent.