Is Sam Bernstein's daughter blind?

Asked by Monte Copeland on September 13, 2021

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Bernstein has been classified as legally blind since birth as a result of retinitis pigmentosa.

What happened to Sam Bernstein's blind son? Attorney Richard Bernstein, a disabled rights activist who is blind and the son of the well-known lawyer Sam Bernstein, suffered serious injuries after being hit by a bicyclist on a pedestrian pathway in New York's Central Park on Monday afternoon, WWJreports.

What does Bernstein do? Attorney Richard Bernstein, 41, was elected to an-eight-year term on the Michigan Supreme Court in November, making him the state's first blind justice and one of just three blind high court judges in the nation. He was nominated by the Democratic party. He hails from a famous legal family.

Is Sam Bernstein related to Abe Bernstein? It is highly unlikely that Sam Bernstein is related to Abe Bernstein and his brothers of Purple Gang fame. The Bernstein brothers came with their family toDetroit from New York when they were young. Sam Bernstein's father, Mandell was born in Detroit.

Where did Sam Bernstein go to college? Sam was raised in Detroit where he attended Mumford High School. He attended Michigan State University where he graduated with a education and political science. After college, Sam received his law degree at Wayne State University in Detroit.