Is the ANS afferent or efferent?

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Chapter 75. The autonomic nervous system consists of a somatic afferent pathway, a central nervous system integrating complex (brain and spinal cord), and two efferent limbs, the sympathetic and the-parasympathetic nervous systems.

What are visceral receptors? Visceral receptors are generally free nerve endings (although Pacinian corpuscles are present-in viscera). Only about 10 percent of total afferent input to the CNS is visceral (GVA); compared to somatic (GSA) sense, visceral sensation is meager.

What is visceral nerve? visceral nerve. A peripheral nerve that contains axons of the autonomic nervous system, either transmitting afferent signals from mucous membranes, glands, and vessels (visceral sensory nerves) or transmitting efferent signals to smooth musclesand glands (visceral motor nerves).

What is visceral pain? Visceral pain is pain that results from the activation of nociceptors of thethoracic, pelvic, or abdominal viscera (organs). Visceral structures are highly sensitive to distension (stretch), ischemia and inflammation, but relatively insensitive to other stimuli that normally evoke pain such as cutting or burning.