Is Uber available in Rhode Island?

Asked by Julia Barrett on September 15, 2021

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Yes, Uber is available in Providence, Newport, and all across Rhode Island. Yes, UberX and UberXL drivers are available in both Providence and Newport, RI.

How long does it take to get from Boston airport to downtown Boston? Thinking of Taking Other Transportation Modes FROM Logan?

Mode Cost: Logan To Downtown Boston Travel Time: Logan To Cambridge****
MBTA Subway$2.75* About 35 - 45 minutes
MBTA Silver Line FREE About 30 - 40 minutes
Taxi About $25 - $45** About 15 - 30 minutes
Shared Van About $20 or more*** About 45 minutes - 1 hour*

How do I Uber from the airport? Your app will confirm pickup location(s) when you're required to meet a driver at a specific area or level of the airport. After your ride request is confirmed by a nearby driver, your app may ask you to select a precise terminal location and door where your driver should meetyou.

Where does Uber pick up at Providence airport? Uber is headed back for T.F. Green Airport -- sort of. The ride-sharing company will pick up passengers at the privately-owned_"Red Beam Garage C,” which is a short walk from the terminal, beginning on Wednesday.