Types of wrenches

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Which is the name of wrench? American name - British/Commonwealth name - Group
box-end wrench - ring spanner - common
combination wrench - combination spanner open-ring spanner - common
flare-nut wrench tube wrench line wrench - flare spanner flare nut spanner brake spanner crow's-foot spanner - common
ratcheting box wrench - ratcheting ring spanner - common

What is a socket wrench made of? They are made from a thicker, tougher and more ductile alloy steel, often using CrMo steel to replace the_CrV steel used in non-impact sockets. Most impact sockets made for "standard" hexagonal fasteners have a six-point design.

Whats better 3/8 or 1/2 torque wrench? The 3/8 is much smaller than the 1/2 impact-wrenches. Also, the 3/8 wrench tends to be lighter than the 1/2 wrench and, hence, allows better maneuvering factor

Are gearwrench wrenches any good? A word on quality - as far as wrench sizing and construction quality, these GearWrench wrenches are pretty good. However, if you're one of those people that has to have perfectly clean tools with flawless, polished chrome, this may not be the set for-you.

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