What airline is best to fly to Italy?

Asked by William Burdett on September 06, 2021

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Delta, Air France & Alitalia fly the most frequently from United States to Italy. The most popular route is New York to Rome, and Delta, Air France and KLM fly this route themost.

Does Delta fly within Europe? Explore EuropeWith its unsurpassed global network, Delta, its Delta Connection® carriers, and Partner Airlines offer service to more than 1,000 destinations in over 60 countries on six continents. Find more in our 2020 Europe, Middle East, Africa and India Travel Guide.

Does Delta fly direct to Italy? Delta Air Lines Inc. In total, Delta said it will operate up to seven flights a day from the three airports in Italy this summer. Last fall, Delta announced plans to bolster its nonstop flights to Europe in the summer of 3018, which included a direct flight from its hub in Atlanta to-Lisbon, Portugal.

Is it cheaper to fly into Venice or Rome? Although they are international airports, flights are significantly more expensive than flying into Rome or Milan and taking a high-speed train to Florence or Venice.

How many destinations does Delta Airlines fly to? Delta serves more than 200 million people every year, taking customers across its industry-leading global network to more than 300 destinations in over 50countries.