What are open circulatory systems?

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An open circulatory system describes a system where blood and interstitial fluid are allowed to mix in an organism. Interstitial fluid is just the fluid found between cells in the_body.

Which types of vertebrates have double loop circulation and which types have single loop circulation? Answer and Explanation:Fish are vertebrates that only have a single loop circulatory system, unlike mammals that have a double loop circulatorysystem. In a single loop

Is open or closed circulatory system more efficient? The blood is pumped through a closed system of arteries, veins, and capillaries. Still, blood can flow backward and the system is only slightly more efficient than the open system of insects. The closed circulatory system has more advantages over the open circulatory system.

What do open and closed circulatory systems have in common? Open circulatory systems are simpler and contain open-ended vessels that help transport blood. On the other hand,_closed circulatory systems are more complex and involve different types of vessels that are all connected, resulting in the continuous flow of blood within the system.

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