What are some words with the prefix extra?

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12-letter words that startwith extra

  • extravaganza.
  • extravagance.
  • extramarital.
  • extrahepatic.
  • extracranial.
  • extrasensory.
  • extraversion.
  • extrauterine.

Is extra Greek or Latin? The List: Meaning, Latin Prefixes, & Greek

outside extra-, extro- ecto-, exo-
over ob- (sometimes) epi- (on top of) or hypo- (too much)
self ego- auto-, aut-,auth-
small micro-

What makes somethingCringey? The word "cringy" (also alternatively spelled "cringey") describes a feeling that one gets when made to witness an extremely uncomfortable situation. The word "cringy" comes from the word "cringeworthy," as in, something that is so awkward and unpleasant that it literally makes you cringe to think aboutit.

Is extra a root word? extra- a prefix meaning “outside,” “beyond,” freely used as an English formative: extrajudicial; extraterritorial;extra-atmospheric.

What does ject mean? The Latin word root ject means 'throw. ' Many common words are 'thrown' about each day which use this root, including eject, reject, object, and projector. Perhaps a pointed way to help remember this word is when you receive an injection, which is a shot 'thrown' into your body.