What are the advantages of split AC over window AC?

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The main advantage of split ac is that it can be installed almost anywhere without blocking window/daylight. As its condenser unit is placed outside, the indoor unit generates pretty low noise (<50db) inside the conditioned space. It gives air pattern and hence uniform cooling acrossthe room.

Which AC is most energy efficient? Most Energy Efficient (Electricity Saving) 1.5 ton Inverter AC - Daikin FTKF50TV16U. Daikin is another premium brand which is known for making great air conditioners with high energy efficiency. And this year the model with highest energy efficiency in 1.5 ton ACs is DaikinFTKF50TV16U.

Which AC has less power consumption? Says Abhishekh Jain, founder,, “A 5-star rated window AC is as power efficient as a 4-star split AC. Also, look for an AC with a built-in inverter. Though more expensive, it consumes much less power.” An old 1.5 tonne AC uses around 1.5 units per hour, while an inverter AC uses only 0.91 units perhour.

What is 3 star and 5 star in AC? A 5-star AC will take same time to cool your room as opposed to a 3-star AC. The difference between a 3-star and a 5-star AC is that the power consumption of a 5-star AC would be way lesser than a 3-star one. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a 3-star AC ranges between 2.9 and 3.09.

Which is No 1 AC in world? Daikin

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