What are the two hemisphere of the brain?

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Our brain is divided into 2 halves, or hemispheres, that are connected to each other by the corpus callosum. These two hemispheres control the motion in and receive sensory inputs from the opposite side of our body.

What causes creativity in the brain? We found that the brainregions within the “high-creative” network belonged to three specific brain systems: the default, salience and executive networks. The default network is a set of brainregions that activate when people are engaged in spontaneous thinking, such as mind-wandering, daydreaming and imagining.

Why does the right side of brain control left side of body? The brain's right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the human body. This is because of a criss-cross wiring known as decussation, damage to one side of the brain affects the opposite side of the body.

What happens when corpus callosum is damaged? Lesions of any part of the corpus callosum might lead to loss of contact between bilateral hemispheres that cause mental disorders, pseudobulbar palsy, speech and movement ataxia.

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