What are the types of communicative competence?

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the notion of communicative competence is divided up into four subcomponents: grammatical, sociolinguistic, discourse and strategic competence. code itself.

What is meant by Communicative English? Communicating in English! Communicative English is an approach to language teaching in which a student learns from real life interaction, which can help to reinforce the value of their studies. But, you need to have the necessary communication skills in order to reach thislevel.

What are four key points of competent communication? The four key competencies in competent communication are linguistic competency, sociolinguistic competency, discourse competency and strategic competency, according to the National Capital Language Resource Center. Competent communication is the correct and-appropriate use of language to achieve communication goals.

Who is a competent communicator? In order to be classified as a competent communicator in both one-on-one conversations and group interactions, certain skills are required by an individual. A competent communicator will understand the 'rules' associated with communication and will be able to display assertiveness, responsiveness andversatility.