What are the varieties of plums?

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Plum cultivars include:

  • Damson (purple or black skin, green flesh, clingstone, astringent)
  • Greengage (firm, green flesh and skin even when ripe)
  • Mirabelle (dark yellow, predominantly grown in northeast France)
  • Satsuma plum (firm red flesh with a red skin)
  • Victoria (yellow flesh with a red or mottled skin)

What do I do with-plums? Here are eight ideas to try with plums.

  1. Pickled. Pack plums in jars with a spiced vinegar brine to make pickles that are stellar in cocktails or with roasted pork.
  2. Caramelized. Brown plum wedges in a skillet with honey, then add them to a salad or serve over ice cream.
  3. Poached.
  4. Grilled.
  5. Sauce.
  6. Dumplings.
  7. Cake.
  8. Salad.

What can I do with too many plums? Plum Crazy: 10 Uses for Too Many Plums

  1. Plum and Mascarpone Pie, Bon Appétit.
  2. Almond Plum Tart, Food & Wine.
  3. Plum-Basil Gin Fizz, Saveur.
  4. Plum Tart, Saveur.
  5. Plum Smoothie-Pops, Country Living. MIDDLE ROW.
  6. Heirloom Tomato and Plum Salad, Williams Sonoma.
  7. Grilled Kale Saladwith Ricotta and Plums, Bon Appétit.
  8. Basil Plum Granita, Cooking Light.

How do I know when plums are ripe? Test the plums for ripeness.The easiest way to tell when your plums are ripe is to lightly press the skin with your finger. If you_make a slight indentation, the plum is probably ripe. If it's still hard to the touch, you'll need to wait a bit longer.