What are two prerequisites for configuring a pair of Palo Alto Networks firewalls in an active passive high availability HA pair?

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Prerequisites for Active/Passive HA. —Both the firewalls in the pair must be of the same hardware model or virtual machine model. —Both the firewalls should be running the same PAN-OS version and must each be up-to-date on the application, URL, andthreat databases. either enabled or not enabled.

How do I check my system logs in Palo Alto? View Logs

  1. Select. Monitor. Logs. .
  2. Select a log type from the list. The firewall displays only the logs you have permission to see. For example, if your administrative account does not have permission to view WildFire Submissions logs, the firewall does not display that log type whenyou access the logs pages.

Which two types of deployment is active active HA configuration supported? Active/active HA is supported in virtual wire and Layer 3 deployments. In active/active HA mode, the firewall does not support DHCP client. If the active-secondary firewall receives DHCP broadcast packets, it drops them. An active/active configuration does not load-balancetraffic.

What is HSCI port? HSCI. —The HSCI port is a Layer 1 SFP+ interface that connects two PA-3200 Series firewalls in an HA configuration. Use this port for an HA2 connection, HA3 connection, or both. The traffic carried on the HSCI ports is raw Layer 1 traffic, which is not routable orswitchable.