What bugs are eating my zinnias?

Asked by Gigi Fujimoto on September 16, 2021

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Aphids are common insects that damage zinnias when they puncture the leaves and stem to feed on the sap, or juice of the plant. Other pests, such as mites and scales, also damage zinnias by feeding on the sap. Sap-sucking pests are tiny and are usually found in dense groupings on the stems or the undersides of leaves.

What is killing my zinnias? A: Zinnias can be prone to several bugs as well as the most common problem -- powdery mildew, which is a disease that turns the leaves whitish, then brown. The holes could be due to Japanese beetles or to a couple of other smaller beetles that sometimes eat zinnia leaves. Sevin kills most bugs.

Do zinnias need sun or shade? When & Where to Plant ZinniasLight: Zinnias grow and flower best in full sun. They canflower in part shade, especially in warmer climates with afternoon shade, but they may be more susceptible to disease and have fewer flowers. Soil: Zinnias grow best on fertile, well-drained soils high in organic matter.

Does Mint keep bugs away? Repels mosquitoes. Mint is best grown in pots rather than the ground because it spreads aggressively. Once established in the garden, it can be difficult to remove. Containers of mint strategically placed in the garden or on the patio will help keep nearby plants insect free.