What can I use instead of Crisco?

Asked by Christopher Felty on November 18, 2021

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When baking, you may want to use Crisco as a substitute for butter. When frying, you may want to use Crisco as a substitute for vegetable oil.

Shortening Substitutes.

Shortening Amount Substitute
Shortening substitute 1 Cup Solid 1 Cup -Minus 2 Tablespoons of Lard
*OR* 1 Cup Butter
*OR* 1 Cup Margarine

Can I use half butter and half shortening in cookies? butter vs shorteningShortening has a higher melting temperature and doesn't contain water, so your cookies are taller and softer. But the flavor isn't as grand. So one way to get the best of both: Use half butter and half shortening. And “shortening” here is Crisco baking sticks.

Why is shortening bad for you? Since the invention of hydrogenation, shortening has been made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Unfortunately, partial hydrogenation also creates artificial trans fats, which have serious negative health effects. Trans fats raise your risk of heart disease, death from heart disease, heart attack and-stroke.

Are cookies better with butter or oil? Butter melts at a much lower temperature than theother solid fats, so cookies made with it will tend to spread out. And oil, since it already is a liquid at room temperature, produces cookies that keep their shape. The amount of fat also affects the cookies.