What did Dumbledore believe Voldemort had used for the 6th Horcrux?

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Nagini. The seventh Horcrux created, and the fifth revealed, Nagini was used assomething of an afterthought. Voldemort needed a sixth Horcrux to complete what he thought was the mystical number of soul pieces (seven), and Nagini was handy at the time when he was murdering Bertha Jorkins.

Why did Dumbledore not let Snape teach defense? Dumbledore chooses not to place Snape in that position because Severus wasvery important person for him at that time. He was only made the teacher of Defence Against Dark Arts in the sixth book (Half Blood Prince).

Did Dumbledore really love Harry? 'King's Cross' showed us that Dumbledore was more than just a magical legend – he was human. It's important to note, first of all, that Albus Dumbledore was loved – by us, and by you – long before Harry Potter and the Deathly-Hallows.

When did Dumbledore find out about the Horcruxes? The Horcrux hunt was a mission started by Albus Dumbledore and given to Harry Potter in June of 1997 to find all of Lord Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes and destroy them. Albus Dumbledore began this quest in July of 1996 when he sought out and destroyed Marvolo Gaunt's Ring in theGaunt shack.