What does a cellar look like?

Asked by Teresa Hoffman on November 19, 2021

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It goes like this: If more than half of the floor height isabove ground level, it is a basement. If less than half isabove ground, it's a cellar. This notion is in reference to the appearance of the foundation from the front of the house.

What is the purpose of a cellar? Cellars are very commonly used for storing wine, especially because they are out of direct sunlight. The temperature and conditions are usually quite good for storing wine. The space is often small and a basement tends to be bigger.

Why are there no basements in California? Other than earthquakes, there are no basements because they are used to keep pipes 'indoors' so they dont freeze in the winter. Unlike the-northeast and midwest, California doesnt have that issue.

What is a cold room in a basement? Most older homes have a cold room or root cellar in the basement — usually you'll find it under the front porch. These basement rooms were designed for storing food and preserves, so they're not insulated. Often they have a vent to the outside toallow cool air in and ventilate the space.