What does a mangrove look like?

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Mangrove trees need oxygen tosurvive, just like other plants. However, the roots of a mangrove tree grow from salty, muddy grounds. Mangrove tree leaves are thick and waxy, so they can store freshwater. There are pores on the leaves, just like leaves on other plants.

What are found in Sundarbans? The Sundarbans forest is about 10,000 sq km across India and Bangladesh, of which 40% lies in India, and is home to many rare and globally threatened wildlife species such asthe estuarine crocodile (Crocodilus porosus), royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris), Water monitor lizard (Varanus salvator), Gangetic dolphin (

Will mangroves grow in freshwater? Mangroves are facultative halophytes which means salt water is not a physical requirement for growth. Most can grow well in fresh water, but mangrove communities are not usually found in strict freshwater environments. In freshwater communities other species may out compete the mangroves for space.

How fast do mangroves grow? can grow pretty quick and reach up to two meters or more within two years. The growth of mangroves is in relation to the nutrients available and provided as well as the size of pot the mangrove is growing in. The size of mangroves in aquariums normally does not exceed a hight of 60 to 80cm.

What are mangroves used for? Mangroves protect shorelines from damaging storm and hurricane winds, waves, and floods. Mangroves also help prevent erosion by stabilizing sediments with their tangled root systems. They maintain water quality and clarity, filtering pollutants and_trapping sediments originating from land.