What does a yield sign mean?

Asked by Kathleen Thompson on September 10, 2021

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Yield means let other road users go first. A yield sign assigns the right-of-way to traffic in certain intersections. If you see a yield sign ahead, be prepared tolet other drivers crossing your road take the right-of-way. And don't forget about bicycles and pedestrians! Y

How do you treat a yield sign? Meaning: Slow down as you approach the intersection. Prepare to stop and yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians in, or approaching, the intersection. You must come to a full stop at a yield sign if traffic conditions require it. When you approach a yield sign be prepared to stop.

What does the T sign mean? T Intersection Traffic SignThe road you are traveling on ends straight ahead. Slow down andprepare to stop before turning. Most T-intersections will feature a YIELD sign or a STOP sign to remind you to give the right-of-way to cross traffic.

Where are yield signs located? Location. Yield signs are usually posted at intersections where two roadways merge.

What is the shape of yield signs? Sign Shapes- an in-depth look at the differences and what they mean.

Shape Indication Common Signs
Octagon Stop Stop Sign
Diamonds, Triangles Warning, Hazard Yield Sign, Voltage Sign, Warning Sign
Oval, Circles Welcome Welcome Sign , Community Sign
Squares, Rectangles Miscellaneous Parking signs, Direction Signs, Notice Signs