What does Alto mean?

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The musical term alto, meaning "high" in Italian (Latin: altus), historically refers to the contrapuntal part higher than the tenor and-its associated vocal range. In vocal classification these are usually called contralto and male alto or countertenor.

In what language does Alto mean stop? The Spanish word "alto" tomake people stop comes from German "halt", from "halten" (to stop), from where English took "halt" too. It makes perfect sense to use either "pare" or "alto", because both are short and mean "stop".

What does Delgado mean? The distinguished Spanish name Delgado is a nickname type of surname for a thin person. The name Delgado is derived from the Spanish word "delgado," which means slender, and the Latin word "delicatus," which means dainty or exquisite.

What alto sounds like? The alto is the lowest type of female voice. Those who can sing below are often called “contralto's” and can usually sing in a range similar to a tenor. Though altos have a very similar range to mezzo-sopranos, their voices are usually richer and fuller in the lower register than mezzos.

How do you say Moreno in English? English translation of 'moreno'

  1. [de pelo] dark-haired man/woman.
  2. [de tez] dark(-skinned) man/woman.
  3. una morena a brunette.