What does it mean to have no covenants on land?

Asked by Amanda Llewellyn on September 12, 2021

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No covenants means that the seller's HOA for the subdivision if there is a HOA has no rules regarding land use, minimum house requirements, fees, etc. You will then be regulated by the county or municipality that has control of the area.

How long does it take to remove a covenant? Don't assume that a covenant will be removed in your favour, and you may be required to undo allof the work completed. In addition, the application process to have a restrictive covenant modified or removed can take considerable time (potentially 18 – 24 months).

Who has the benefit of a restrictive covenant? Most importantly, a restrictive covenant must touch and concern the land of the person seeking to enforce it. This means that the covenant benefits only the owner for the time being of the land, has an impact on the nature or value of the land, and is not expressed to be_personal.

How are private restrictive covenants enforced? A restrictive covenant is a clause in a deed or lease to real property that limits what the owner of the land or lease can do with the property. Restrictive covenants allow surrounding property owners, who have similar covenants in their deeds, to enforce the terms of the covenants in a court oflaw.

Can a Neighbour enforce a restrictive covenant? If a neighbour threatens to breach a restrictive covenant binding on them you will probably want to obtain an injunction to prevent breach rather than simply claim monetary compensation. Generally only the owner of land which was, or was part of, the land intended to be benefited by the covenant, canenforce it.