What does nation state mean in history?

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Nation-state definition: a political entity containing a relatively homogeneous people; a country with one nation as opposed to several.

How many nation states are there? Based on their membership in the United Nations system, the 206 listed states can be divided into three categories: 193 member states, two observer states, and11 other states.

Which countries are not nation states? The following is a list of stateless nations that meet these criteria:

People Language States
Kurds Kurdish Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria
Yoruba peopleYoruba language Nigeria, Benin and Togo
Igbo people Igbo language Nigeria
Occitan people Occitan, French, Italian, Spanish France, Monaco, Italy and Spain (Val d'Aran)

Is the USA a nation state? The United States is not anation state. Even though it is self-ruling and sovereign, and there is some common heritage and a national language,