What does V represent in physics?

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Delta-v (physics) In general physics, delta-v is simply a change in velocity. The Greek uppercase letter delta is the standard mathematical symbol to represent change in somequantity.

What does V stand for?

Acronym Definition
V Velocity or speed
V 5 (Roman numeral)
V Video
V Version

What is the triangle symbol inphysics? The triangle symbol Δ Delta Δdelta is the Greek capital letter delta. It is used inphysics to represent the change in a variable.

What is difference between velocity and acceleration? Velocity is the rate of change of displacement. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. Velocity is a vector quantity because it consists of both magnitude and direction. Acceleration is also a-vector quantity as it is just the rate of change of velocity.

What does M mean in physics? meter per second (m/s) potential energy. joule (J) internal energy. joule (J)