What happened DJ AM?

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Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein died from an accidental overdose, the New York medical examiner says. Goldstein's body was found August 28 in his New York apartment with a crack pipe nearby and a halfbag of crack cocaine and prescription drugs in the home, a police source told

Who died on Travis Barker plane crash? Killed in the crash were pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim Hills, Calif.; co-pilot James Bland, 52, of Carlsbad, Calif.; Chris Baker, 29, of Studio City, Calif.; and Charles Still, 25, of Los Angeles. Baker was an assistant to Barker andStill was a security guard for the musician.

Who died in Blink 182? Plane Crash. Hours after performing for thousands of college students, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM were critically injured in a fiery Learjet crash that killed four people, authoritiessaid.

What caused Travis Barker plane crash? Travis Barker, DJ AM Plane Crash Caused By Faulty Tires. As the plane hurtled down the runway at about 150 mph all four tires of the Learjet 60 exploded only seconds apart. Pieces of the tires, hurled at high speeds, damaged the plane's hydraulic system, causing theplane's brakes to fail.