What is a CEDS certification?

Asked by Sasha Vandyke on December 28, 2021

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The Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Certification responds to the need for professionals with diverse skills and knowledge across the e-discovery spectrum. It facilitates soundhiring practices, advances careers and gives a competitive advantage to individuals who earn it and their employers.

What is a Culinology degree? Culinology ® is a new and exciting field involving a blend of culinary arts and thescience of food. Culinologists will shape the future of research and development in the food industry by combining the artistic abilities of culinary arts with the scientific expertise of food science.

How do you get certified in relativity? Online or at a Testing Center Near YouTo register for an exam, visit the Certification Tracker on the Relativity Community site and click the “Take the Exam” button. Please review resources below for detailed information on our exams, the registration process, and links for Relativity-approved study resources.

What does a food scientist do? A food scientist studies thedeterioration and processing of foods by using microbiology, engineering, and chemistry. They determine nutrient levels of food by analyzing it's content. They look for new nutritional food sources and investigate avenues for making processed foods taste good, safe and healthy.