What is a covered person?

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Covered Person means any Holder or beneficial owner of Capital Securities. Covered Person means: (a) any officer, director, shareholder, partner, member, representative, employee or agent of the Trust or the Trust's Affiliates; and (b)_any Holder of Trust Securities.

Which entity is a related entity of an Iesba audit client? The SEC's definition of related entities(affiliates) with respect to audit clients that are listed entities is more restrictive (inclusive) in that the IESBA Code applies a materiality threshold to entities that control the audit client and entities under common control with the audit client.

What is a covered person finra? FINRA Rule 5131 restricts the allocation of new issue equity securities (“IPO shares”) to an account for the benefit of an executive officer or director (a “Covered Person”)1 of a public company or a covered non-public company, as such terms are defined by Rule_5131.

What is a key audit partner? In the ED a key audit partner is defined as: “The engagement partner, the individual responsible for the engagement quality control review, and other partners on the engagement team, such as lead partners on significant subsidiaries or divisions, who are responsible for key decisions or judgements on significant