What is a Cshtml file?

Asked by Sherry Kizer on November 01, 2021

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cshtml is the file extension that refers to the razor view engine. In addition to straight html, these files also contain C# code that is compiled on the server prior to the pages being server up tothe browser..

What is layout in asp net? In ASP.NET Web Pages, you can define a layout page that provides an overall container for pages on your site. For example, the layout page can contain the header, navigation area, and footer. The layout page includes a placeholder where the main content goes.

What is ViewBag? ViewBag is a property – considered a dynamic object – that enables you to share values dynamically between the controller and view within ASP.NET MVC applications. Let's take a closer look at ViewBag, when it's used, some limitations, and other possible options to consider.

How does _layout Cshtml work? cshtml is included in the Views folder by default. It sets up the default layout page for-all the views in the folder and its subfolders using the Layout property. You can assign a valid path of any Layout page to the Layout property. For example, the following _ViewStart.

What is MVC RenderBody? RenderBody. RenderBody is called torender the content of a child view. Any content on said view that is not in a @section will be rendered by RenderBody. Using the Layout view above, that means that all content in a child view will be rendered inside the <div class="container body-content> .