What is a dot physical?

Asked by Linda Hernandez on September 03, 2021

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What do they do in a dot physical? The doctor performs a series of tests to check your blood pressure, vision, hearing, digestive, and mental health. You might also undergo urinalysis for diabetes and drug testing. A-DOT physical can take between 30 minutes and one hour to complete.

What will make you fail a dot physical? 1. High blood pressure.
2. Epilepsy.
3. Alcoholism or drug use.
4. Missing extremities.
5. Cardiovascular or respiratory disease.
6. Diabetes.
7. Poor eyesight or hearing.
8. A nervous or psychiatric disease.

What happens if you fail dot physical? For example, if you have failed the eyesight or hearing tests of your DOT physical, you may be in luck! If your problem can be rectified with corrective lenses or a hearing aid, you will be able to prove your sight or hearing has been fixed. There are also exemptions that are put in place for theseinstances.

What does a dot physical and drug test consist of? A DOT physical is fairly consistent withany other type of physical examination performed under the care of a physician. You’ll begin by disclosing your medical history and outlining any prescribed drugs that you’re currently on. Substances you consume – tobacco, alcohol, etc. Once this is completed, you’ll move on to the physical exam.

How do you cheat a dot physical? The DOT physical is one exam you just can't cheat. There is virtually no way to cheat the DOTphysical.