What is a dynamic view?

Asked by Ethel Cheney on November 01, 2021

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SQL Views are actual database views that you create in Application Designer. To use one, you'll need to build the view into the database and the Component processor refers to the database object whenever you access that SQL view. In contrast, a Dynamic View does not refer to a database object.

Are views stored in database? View is a simple SQL statement that is stored in database schema (INFORMATION_SCHEMA. Views). So when ever we call the view the SQL statement gets executed and return the rows from main physical table. You can also tell the view as aLogical table that store the defination (the sql statement) but not the result.

What is smartsheet dynamic view? Dynamic View is a premium app designed by Smartsheet to empower business owners to share needed information to the right people at the right time for-viewing or editing.

What are DMVs and DMFs used for? DMVs and DMFs are a mechanism to allow you to look at the internal workings of SQL Server using TSQL. They allow you an easy method for monitoring what SQL Server is doing and how it is performing.