What is a good gift to bring from California?

Asked by Juanita Castanon on November 06, 2021

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California Gifts and Souvenirs

  • California Golden State Poppy Tote Bag.
  • I Love California Bear Hug Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Antique White.
  • Homesick Scented Candle, Southern California.
  • San Francisco souvenirs Refrigerator magnets set of 24 magnetic fridge magnet home decoration accessories arts crafts.
  • California Kitchen_Towel.

What should I buy in San Francisco? San Francisco Souvenirs – 10 Things to Buy

  • Chocolate – One of the most popular San Francisco souvenirs!
  • Local Olive Oil.
  • San Francisco Giants.
  • Michael Schwab Retro Prints.
  • California Wine.
  • Coffee – A delicious San Francisco souvenir!
  • Local Designer Jewelry.
  • Christmas Ornament.

What should I buy in San Diego? Souvenir Shopping Guide: 14 Gifts That Say San Diego

  • Gourmet Chocolate. San Diego isn't really known as a fine dining destination, but it definitely knows how to make dessert.
  • Designer Hat.
  • Handmade Beer Glasses.
  • Temecula Olive Oil.
  • Beach-Inspired Jewelry.
  • Surf Wax.
  • Keep A Breast Sweatshirt by OBEY.
  • Rare_Books.

What is California's number one crop? California Top 10 Cash Crops

Rank Crop Value of Production (000) Dollars
1 Marijuana $3,870,000
2 Grapes, All $2,627,104
3 Almonds $1,162,500
4 Hay, All $1,059,768