What is a security requirements traceability matrix?

Asked by David Davis on September 13, 2021

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Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM) is a grid that supplies documentation and a straightforward presentation of the required elements for security of a system. It is vital to incorporate the best level of security in technical projects that require such.

What is an Sctm? The SCTM is the starting point for identifying the controls that are required to be implemented in a system to ensure basic security, and compliance, requirements are met. The SCTM is tailored to meet the exactneeds of the system in later tasks in the RMF.

What must be categorized first in the security categorization process?To sum up Task 1-1, categorization of systems begins by determining the security category for all information types resident on the target information system, taking into account each of the three security objectives independently.

How do I download SRTM from USGS? SRTM DEM data is being housed on the USGS Earth Explorer. To download, select your area of interest. Under the data sets tab, select Digital Elevation > SRTM > SRTM 1-ArcSecond Global.