What is an induced fit?

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When an enzyme binds to the appropriate substrate, subtle changes in the active site occur. This alteration of the active site is known as an induced fit. Induced fit enhances catalysis, as the enzyme converts substrate toproduct.

What ways do enzymatic catalysts increase the rates of reactions? What ways do enzymatic catalysts increase the rates of reactions? They lower the activation energy of the reaction. They shift the reaction equilibrium toward the products They increase the concentration of reactants. They decrease the free energy of the reaction They promote the formation of a transitionstate.

How do enzymes speed up reactions? Like all catalysts, enzymes work by lowering theactivation energy of chemical reactions. Activation energy is the energy needed to start a chemical reaction. Energy is also released during the reaction. The enzyme speeds up the reaction by lowering theactivation energy needed for the reaction to start.

What is the method used for naming enzymes? Enzymes are named by adding the suffix -ase to the name of the substrate that they modify (i.e., urease and tyrosinase), or the type of reaction they catalyze (dehydrogenase, decarboxylase).

How does the active site of Toothpickase fit the concept of induced fit? fit concept says that there is achange in the shape of the active site of an enzyme so that it binds more snugly to the substrate, induced by the entry of the substrate. Repeat the activity as directed except change the variable above.