What is an infestation in hairdressing?

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A suspected infestation is when a client is thought to be infested with insects like head lice or itch mites. As well as infestations, infections of the hair and scalp are also important. The hairdresser must be good at recognising infections as well as recognising infestations of the hair andscalp.

What is a Colour test hairdressing? Carried out on the hair prior to applying colour to check how porous the hair is – uneven porosity may affect the colour outcome. Skin test. A test carried out before the colour service is agreed to check if the client's skin will react to the chemicals in the colouring product. Strandtest.

What is a test cutting in hairdressing? Colour Test or Test Cutting • Test cutting – done prior to colouring to check if colour result will be even or will be achievable • Will the hair tolerate the service • To perform the test apply your chosen colour to various cuttings from round the head (discreet areas) • Develop for full development time • Rinse, dry

What is the strandtest? Strand Test. Strand tests are like doing a mini Hair Colouring process on a small amount of Hair to ensure you get the results you want. Use a Strand Test to: Test if the Hair Colour is Light or_Dark enough to your taste.

What is cross infestation? A cross infection is the transfer of harmful microorganisms, usually bacteria and viruses. The spread of infections can occur between people, pieces of equipment, or within the body. These infections can cause many complications.So, medical professionals work hard to ensure equipment safety and a clean environment.