What is big data in layman terms?

Asked by David Bernice on September 08, 2021

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Big Data is a term used for voluminous and complex data that is used for producing various analytics, so in short it is just data that is so much and including everything like numbers, text, audio, video etc. that cannot be processed with conventional data processing systems.

How do you analyze big data? With that in mind, there are 7 widely used Big Data analysis techniques that we'll be seeing more of over the next 12 months:

  1. Association rule learning.
  2. Classification tree analysis.
  3. Genetic algorithms.
  4. Machine learning.
  5. Regression analysis.
  6. Sentiment analysis.
  7. Social network analysis.

Which is the best tool for big data? Top 10 Best Open Source Big Data Tools in 2020

  • Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is themost prominent and used tool in big data industry with its enormous capability of large-scale processing data.
  • Apache Spark.
  • Apache Storm.
  • Cassandra.
  • RapidMiner.
  • MongoDB.
  • R Programming Tool.
  • Neo4j.

What is data analytics in simple terms? Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. This information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business orsystem.