What is discrimination index?

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The item discrimination index is a measure of how well an item is able to distinguish between examinees who are knowledgeable and those who are not, or between masters and non-masters. There are actually several ways to compute anitem discrimination, but one of the most common is the point-biserial correlation.

What is Item difficulty? Item difficulty is anestimate of the skill level needed to pass an item. It is frequently measured by calculating the proportion of individuals passing an item.

What does it mean if the difficulty index is 1? "1" indicates the answer was correct; "0" indicates it was incorrect. Follow these steps to determine the Difficulty Index and the Discrimination Index. After the students are arranged with the highest overall scores at the top, count the number of students in the upper and_lower group who got each item correct.

What is difficulty index in item analysis? Item Analysis Statistics.Item Difficulty Index. The item difficulty index is one of the most useful, and most frequently reported, item analysis statistics. It is a measure of the proportion of examinees who answered the item correctly; for this reason it is frequently called the p-value.